£39.99 for 1 week worth of herbs. You need to have a consulation with us (online or over the phone) and fill out the Online Patient Infromation Form first in order for us to precribe and send you the tailored herbal medication (You can book our free online consulation and find our Online Patient Information Form on our website).   

Just add hot water to concentrated Herbal Powder and it is ready to drink (drink it warm). Our prescribed herbal powder is tailored to treat our individual customers conditions. 

It is made from natural herbs, contain no animal produce, artifical colouring or chemicals. Safe to use for all ages. 

We would send instruction along with the herbal powder regarding the intake of the herbal tea and storage.

Concentrated Herbal Powder

  • The concentrated herbal powder is custom made, so it cannot be returned or refunded. The herbal powder is made from a mixture of herbs and mixed for individual uses. It can not be given or passed on to another person or be reused by a different person, as every mixture is made from different herbs with different amount. 

  • Additional postage cost is needed if you wish for the product to be delivered to your choosen address. 

    However no extra charge is needed if you wish to come and collect your product from our clinic.