• ​Consultation: FREE for the first 15 minutes or if you do treatment or buy herbs after the consultation.£20.00 for only doing the consultation without treatment 

  • Dried Herbs: £40.00 per week

  • Concentrated Herbal Powder: £40.00 per week​

  • Acupuncture: £40.00 per session

  • Acupressure (Chinese Medical Massage-TuiNa): £40.00 (half-hour)

  • Cupping: £20.00 per session

  • Reflexology: £40.00 (half-hour); £70.00 (1 hour)

  • Moxibustion: £40.00

  • Ear Candle: £10.00 per candle for taking away; £30.00 per candle for doing ear candle in the clinic with a head massage

  • Ear Points: £30.00 per session


Discounts are available for booking a course of treatment, for example:

  • You will get 1 acupuncture session FREE if you pay 10 sessions in advance, could save £40.00.

  • You will get 1 week herbs FREE if you pay 10 weeks in advance, could save £40.00. 


Acupuncture & Reflexology are Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapies that are covered by many health insurance policies. Please ask for more information.

Prices are correct at time of publishing this page and are subject to change without notice.